Venice Beach, with its wide expanse of sand, extends for three miles from Marina del Rey on the south to Santa Monica on the north. The beach is west facing and located in the center of Santa Monica Bay.

Venice Beach w Surfer
Venice Beach Lifegard Stand

The Pacific Ocean provides the ideal playground for surfers, swimmers and boaters. There is a good surf break and an active surfing group. Marina del Rey harbor (just south of Venice) is one of the largest small craft harbors in the world, berthing over 5000 pleasure boats.

Venice Beach Boardwalk
Venice Beach Boardwalk

The commercial portion of the world famous Venice boardwalk extends north from Venice Boulevard to Santa Monica and is lined with unique souvenir shops and cafes along the east side and a variety of street vendors and performers to the west.

Bikers and joggers enjoy the bike path which extends from Manhattan Beach to the south, around the Marina, along Venice Beach and north beyond Santa Monica.

One of the best skateboard parks in California is located on Venice Beach. Free to the public, there are always many awesome skaters exhibiting their talent.

Venice Muscle Beach

Not far from the skateboard park is world-famous Muscle Beach, originally established in 1952. Once the home gym of bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. Today it is an open playground with a gated area that encloses weight lifting equipment, the second area is a sand box with gymnastic, rope climbing, and acrobatic bars.

Venice Beach Art Walls

While strolling along the Venice Beach Boardwalk you can find sculptures, pagodas and the Venice Public Art Graffiti Walls … a permit to paint is required.

Many of the large brick buildings along the beach date back to the early 1900s. The brick has been reinforced to prevent falling in case of an earthquake. Many walls of the old buildings have been painted with spectacular murals.

The Venice Pier is at the south end of Venice Beach … separating traditional Venice from the newer Marina del Rey … is a good spot to view local fisherman and to look back at the beach architecture.

… And this is even a popular spot for beach weddings.

Throughout the year there are music festivals and community events along the beach.

To top it all off … enjoy a perfect sunset with your friends or lover.