Venice Market Reports

On or about the 15th of each month, I publish my Venice Market Report … the most comprehensive look at what’s happening with Venice real estate sales.

The data that I present is more accurate than either that from the Multiple Listing Service (used by other Realtors®, Zillow, Trulia) or the Los Angeles County Tax Records (used for the Los Angeles Times reports).

By merging the data from both of the sources, the resulting data is much more accurate. The accuracy of any statistics is solely dependent upon the accuracy input data. The MLS inaccuracies are, for the most part, a result of agent input errors … wrong property type, inaccurate sale date, wrong MLS-defined area, missing square footage, and duplicate MLS entries. The County Records (obtained from CoreLogic®, a paid service) often do not report the sales price and, therefore, those sales are not included in their stats. Additionally, there are a number of properties that sell without a Realtor® which are discovered in CoreLogic®; but do not show in the MLS stats.


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