Originally developed in 1906, Venice of America was designed to replicate Venice, Italy. Today there are only 6 canals remaining. The Venice Canals are designated a state Historic Site. Fronting the Canals are 300+ architecturally unique homes. The Canals have a European ambiance, connected by walk bridges. Canoes, kayaks and rowboats line the banks. Holiday boating events are scheduled annually.

Dog Walk on Venice Canal

Traffic-free bridges and walkways are a great place for a leisurely stroll.

Paddling along the Venice Canals

Paddle boarding with your best friend is good fun.

Heron on Boat in Venice Canals

Many species of birds and ducks are canal neighbors.

Linnie Canal Park

The Linnie Canal Park is popular with local families

Linnie Canal Duck Park

… and the kids love the duck pond.

4th July Downwind Regatta

Annual 4th of July festivities are a summer highlight including the Linnie Canal Downwind Regatta (wind-powered boats) and a Rubber Ducky Race. There are lots of prizes for the fastest boats and ducks to cross the finish line.

Venice Canals Buy Rubber Duckys

Hundreds of rubber ducks, purchase by residents, race amongst the boats.

Venice Canals Downwind Regatta

The start of the regatta shows many solutions for catching the wind.

Venice Canals Duck Race2

The ducks start their race with a splash.

Venice Canals Downwind Regatta + Rubber Ducky Race

Crowds of cheering spectators line the canal banks.

Venice Canals Holiday Boat Parade

Another annual event is the Venice Canals Holiday Boat parade and Home & Bridge Decorating Contest. Local involvement is huge … the Canals become a festive community of lights.

Venice Canals Holiday Santa Boat

Parade floats are all handmade by local residents.

Venice Canals Holiday Boat2

Some floats even provide live entertainment.

Venice Canals Holiday Boat

Koth kids and adult boats compete for prizes.

Venice Canals Holiday Decorated Bridge

Neighbors decorate their closest bridge and compete for prizes.

Venice Canals Holiday Party2

There are many holiday parties during the boat parade.

Venice Canals Holiday Party

Another holiday gathering.

Venice Canals Canaloween1

“Canaloween” is held each Halloween at the Linnie Canal Park for the local kids.

Venice Canals Party

A festive Cinco de Mayo community party.