Client Reviews

I have used CJ before and she has been great. She knows the market and can size up the potential buyers quickly. – Terry H

CJ sold two multi-unit properties of mine. She marketed them, recommended workers when needed, and handled difficult tenants when needed. She had to ‘baby sit’ one when the termite work was being done. She goes way beyond 100% for her clients. – Suzanne R

In a very difficult real estate market, CJ Cole was wonderful! Her marketing of our property was excellent and very prompt in returning our calls throughout the process. When a cash buyer fell out there was a back up offer ready to come in! So what could have been a major setback became the final sale of our home! I highly recommend CJ to anyone interested in buying or selling in the Venice Beach area. – John S

CJ was my purchasing agent for my first property and she was a huge help. I needed a lot of hand holding since I was inexperienced and she was extremely patient and took the time to walk me through all the terms and contracts so that I felt confident that I was fully informed with all the details of such a big decision. She made a very scary process fun and easy. The fact that she had been an involved resident and broker in Venice for many years also added to my confidence that she had a firm grasp of the market. I highly recommend her. – Kevin A

CJ spent a long, long time helping us to find our home. We have been in it for 11 years, and are still happy! Thanks to CJ! – Nicole L

CJ knows Venice like nobody else and she’s been at it longer than anyone else. She’s very generous with her knowledge. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat. – Cheryl W

CJ is very reliable broker who has an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and a great respect for her customers’ choice. She gave us all the specifics for each property and never tried to influence us. We live in the house she helped us find and we love it. – Corinne C

I have known CJ Cole for many years and have used her for my real estate needs in Venice on multiple occasions. She has done an outstanding job for me. There is nobody more knowledgeable about the Venice Canals and surrounding area, and she is reliable, flexible and easy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends and colleagues and will use her again myself in the future. – Ken D

CJ is honest, hard working, and in tune with the needs of her clients. She is the only person you need for Venice real estate. – Jon K

Thank you CJ! Purchasing a home can be one of life’s most important decisions. You not only communicate your vast knowledge of the real-estate business, you share your matchless human touch. Two essential ingredients to a happy home! We truly appreciate all the hard work you put in to helping us with the numerous property transactions. The exceptional personal service you provide certainly should be commended. You can definitely count on our recommendations for your services to our friends and family. All the best! – Steven F

C J is simply wonderful. She worked tirelessly and diligently for almost two years to find us the perfect home. She is the best! – Aldis B

CJ is a pro and expert real estate broker in the Venice Beach and surrounding area. I had an excellent experience and enjoyed the house she helped me get. – Kevin H 

The go-to broker for the Venice Canals!! Always a pleasure to do business with CJ as she is extremely knowledgeable about real estate marketing trends and on the vanguard of what we may look forward to in the future. – Jeanne K

CJ is an experienced, highly organized, knowledgeable and professional realtor. She absolutely knows the real estate business and there’s no one better in getting the job done with all things considered and complete. She’s great. – Naomi N

CJ is a very market-savvy real estate broker who knows the community and real estate value in Venice and the Marina. She understands how properties should be priced and presented and is effective both for sellers and buyers. – William B

CJ was very helpful when I was looking for a house in Venice Beach. She understood immediately what I wanted and found me the perfect place for me. – Romina P

CJ gave us excellent, sound advice on the purchase of our home. That included not only her thorough knowledge of our neighborhood and comps but also an ethical attention to us as her clients. She helped find us a house within our means and which we still own and enjoy nearly twenty years later. I highly recommend CJ, especially to those who are buying a home for the first time. She takes the time to learn who her clients are, is patient, will give you the score, walk you through the steps, warn you if your expectations are too high, and steer you away from risky mortgage deals. – Anonymous